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Illusion · is · the · first · of · all · pleasures.

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Floating through time and space in an endless journey to nowhere
the minutes go by and each second draws more energy
There is not much more to take
not much more to give
Keep moving that's the impulse
Can't stop not for a second
Racing with that clock that has no mercy
Grasping for time for an answer for a sign
Opened my eyes and what i see laughs right at me
it laughs
And all I can do Is laugh too.
Soutine and your carcasses
I hang from a hook
I hang at the mercy
Of the clock
Drip,drip drip
That is my blood and tears that fall on the ground
a scarlet pattern
If I stare at it long enough I can see beauty in so much pain.
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By me
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Coming up for a gasp of air
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blah blah
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Massive Attack
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Yes you may have another chocolate chip cookie


How many times must I wait for you at this corner?
I have memorized the cracked pavement patterns
the fading paint on the side of the crumbling buildings
I walked and paced and stare into the distance
But you
never here

I never asked for you to meet me
Oh but you should know
Why don't you know?

* * *

Hard to come by,to grasp it.
A foreign concept simple yet so elusive in my world.
I seek it in all forms and angles.
My head hosting a storm of ideas thoughts things I want to draw for you write to you.
I seek you
I want to get lost with you and discover you
I want you to discover me.
Me mata.
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I'd rather be having a Margarita at El carmen but I'm home recovering from a nasty cold.
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Marie Antoinette soundtrack
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Saturday my car was broken into, window smashed.......Fucking Hell.
Lately I have been parking my car in the alley just outside our garage. I have a two car garage but most of the space is full with crap from my old studio.
So please award me with my "idiot badge" for leaving my fricking wallet/purse in the car.
I had two credit cards, my license $25.00 dollars and miscellaneous receipts. Gone.

I was at the DMV today getting an application to get another license issued. So yes I have been in a very weird mood these past few days.

On Saturday and Sunday I watched old movies on the TMC channel
Smash-Up, the Story of a Woman (1947)
Fat City (1972)
I'll Cry Tomorrow (1955)
St. Louis Blues (1958)
Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)

Great films.


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aggravated aggravated
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Le Chant des Coquelicots,Amélie les Crayons
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John Huston's Fat city is a great film especially liked the bar scenes with Stacy Keach and Susan Tyrrell.
* * *
I don't know if I will ever find you.
Sometimes I lose all hope that you even exist.
Could you be out there passing me by on the street without me even knowing it.
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warm bed
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curious curious
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drained drained
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I don't blame you/Cat Power
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